Faith Formation St. Luke, we place great emphasis on being formed in our Anglican Catholic Faith as disciples of Jesus Christ.  We believe that formation is a life-long process that we must carry out through listening, reading, and praying–both as a parish community and individually.  Here are the current programs being offered at St. Luke:


Sunday School: Sundays @9:30 am
“40 Days with Jesus” with Ms. Naomi Williams. A Lenten Study tracing Christ’s final forty days before His Passion, looking at His path and His activities and teachings. Through March 18. Located in the Holy Cross Parish Hall.

Bible Study: Wednesdays @7:00 pm
“7 Deadly Sins & 7 Lively Virtues” with Fr. Trout. A Lenten Study comparing the 7 “Capital” sins and virtues as an approach to penitence and conversion. Through March 21. Follows Evening Prayer @6:30 p.m. Supper included! Located in the Holy Cross Parish Hall.

Confirmation Class: Day/Time TBD
An introduction to Anglican Catholic Christianity with Fr. Trout. A great course for inquirers or those seeking Confirmation in the Anglican Catholic Church. Also a helpful refresher course for old veterans!



A Study of I John Chapter 1

Malachi Advent Bible Study

Micah Advent Bible Study

Zechariah Chapters 1-6

1928 Book of Common Prayer

A Simple Guide to Reading and Interpreting Holy Scripture

Instructed Holy Eucharist 2018

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